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If you were to ask anyone what the most popular sport in the world is, then we would highly expect nearly every single person that you ask to reply with football. They would, of course, be correct. When it comes to worldwide popularity, there is not a sport on this planet that can come remotely close to football. We will provide you with football predictions for all of the best leagues and competitions. Please keep on reading to find out more about our betting tips.

The Bookmakers That You Can Use Our Football Predictions With

So, you have read some of our football prediction site, but you do not yet have an account with a sportsbook. You are probably sitting there wondering what bookies are the best to use our predictions with. If you are, then you will want to take a look at the list that we are about to provide you with.

Here you will find ten bookmakers that any Nigerian sports betting fan would have no regrets signing up with:

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What Sportsbooks Offer the Best Bonuses for Your 1st Football Sports Bet?

If you were to go out into the street and start asking people what the most competitive industry in the world is, we reckon that not many would give you the right answer. The answer to this question is that the online gambling industry is up there as one of the most competitive industries in the world. With more and more people starting to gamble online, it is an industry that is only going to become more competitive.


Surebet247 have a great 25% sports reload bonus that you can use on football.

With this promotion, you must make a deposit of at least N2,000 and no more than N10,000 and then add the code “Reload25S”. Once you have done this, you will be given an extra 25% on top of the money that you just deposited.

The extra money that you receive can only be placed on a single bet that has minimum odds of 2.10. If you are new to football betting, then you can use this bonus money to place your first football bet. For example, if you are a fan of the Premier League in England, then you could place it on Aston Villa to beat Manchester United, for example.


NetBet have a promotion running where if the football match that you bet on finished 0-0, then they will refund your stake up to N100,000.

Your stake will be returned to you in the shape of a free bet and you should receive it within 3 days of the event ending.

To be eligible for the free bet, you have to place up to N100,000 on a single 1×2 bet in the La Liga, Premier League, or the Champions League. The free bet will be available for 7 days after you receive it and you will be able to use it on a single bet that has odds of at least 2.00 or an accumulator where all the selections have odds of at least 1.60.


Betway are a European bookmaker, but they are happy to accept customers from Nigeria. They have a promotion where you can create a 6 to 10-fold accumulator and if you go on to lose because of just one selection, you will still be given a tidy profit.

The amount that you will be given is dependent on the total amount that you would have won if you got all of your selections right. With a promotion like this, you very first football bet could be a very exciting one.

For instance, you could create an 8-fold acca on matches in the Bundesliga in Germany, and if you manage to get 7 out of 8 right, you will get a nice profit. This would be a fantastic way to kick-start your football betting career.

Keep in Mind

Bookies are changing their promotions all of the time in order to keep things nice and entertaining for their customers. The last thing that they want is for their customers to become bored as this could mean that they go elsewhere.

Therefore, what we are trying to tell you is that there could be a chance that these promotions are not available when/if you sign up to the bookmaker that is offering them. If this is the case, it has nothing to do with us. We were just giving you an idea as to what type of offers you might find.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Furthermore, you should always take a couple of minutes to read the terms and conditions that are attached to the promotion that you would like to take advantage of.

These will explain what the bookie is expecting from you, meaning you will not run the risk of breaking their regulations and forfeiting the promotion that you were using.

Who Provides the Best Odds for Betting on Football?

When we are looking for a place to start betting at, the first thing that we will usually check is the odds that they will provide us with. So, when it comes to betting on football, which sportsbook should you sign up with in order to get cracking odds?

Well, you definitely cannot go wrong with the likes of Pinnacle. When it comes to football odds, Pinnacle are at the top of their game. They will not provide you with a Welcome Bonus or any promotions whatsoever, but you cannot really complain when you get to take advantage of some very generous odds every single time you go to place a bet.

Having said that though, if you would prefer to get a Welcome Bonus and regular promotions, none of the other sportsbooks that we mention on this site will provide you with odds that you will turn your nose up at. If you decide to go for one of these instead, then you will still be able to find competitive odds when you are placing your soccer bets.

Free Football Predictions on our Website

All of the football predictions that you will find on this page are reliable and completely free of charge.

How Do We Make Accurate Football Predictions?

There will be no time wasting when you are reading our predictions as they are written by people who live and breathe soccer. Our prediction writers have been watching and learning about football for as long as they can remember.

So, how do our writers ensure that all of their predictions are as accurate as possible? Well, it is pretty simple really.

They use all of the football knowledge that they have gathered over the years and they make an effort to take a closer look at all of the relevant stats.

No matter if it is a League match in the Serie A, or a cup match in La Liga in Spain or Ligue Un in France, they will rustle up a football prediction that stands a good chance of seeing you win some extra money.

However, just like with everything in this life, our prediction writers are not perfect. They cannot provide you with the correct result or score of a match every single time – although you can guarantee that they will do their best to do so. If they could predict the outcome of every single match, they would be sitting on a beach somewhere in the Tropics, sipping on a lovely cocktail. So, if you decide to go along with one of our predictions, please do not get too angry with us if the bet goes on to lose. We will be just as upset if you do not make a profit.

Why Do We Offer Free Predictions?

We will provide all of our readers with soccer predictions completely free of charge because we want you to make a profit!

Example of Prediction that We Offer

Below is a quick example of the type of soccer prediction that you can find on this site. Let us say that you are a fan of the Premier League and you are interested in betting on a match between Manchester City and Manchester United. Please note that we are not taking the current 2019/20 season into account here, this is purely a hypothetical scenario that serves as a means to give you some sort of idea about our predictions.

A quick look at the table will tell us that City are 15 points ahead of United, but a quick look at recent results will reveal that form is on United’s side. United are on an 8-match unbeaten streak (5 wins and 3 draws), while City’s form has slumped and from their last 8 matches, they have won 4, drawn 1, and lost 3. Now, this is obviously a derby, and they say that form goes out the window in a derby. We agree with this as well, but not to a huge extent. When we look at previous results between the two sides, we see that United have got the bet of City on 3 out of 4 occasions. Looking at the odds, we see that United are 3.50 to win, while City are 1.60. However, given the form of United and their previous recent results over their local rivals, we feel that the value lies with United. Both teams have rather shaky defences, so we cannot see either team keeping a clean sheet.

Therefore, for those of you who like to be more conservative, we will suggest you place your stake on a United win, while those of you who like a risk, we will recommend that you put your stake on United to win and over 2.5 goals in the match.
Why Do People Love to Make Football Predictions?
If there is one thing that us humans love being it is correct. Whenever we make a prediction that comes true, we all love to tell our mates (or anyone who will listen for that matter), that we predicted the exact outcome of the game. It makes us feel proud about ourselves for a little while.

What Competitions Do We Make Football Predictions and Football Tips for?

On our site, you will be able to find football predictions for all of the best leagues in Europe. This is because we know that plenty of Nigerians pay close attention to all of these leagues. As well as this, you will also be able to find predictions for the most popular
European competitions.

European Football Competitions

Below you can find a list of the major European leagues and competitions that you will find:

Nigerian Premier League

As well as these leagues and competitions, you will also be able to find Nigerian Premier League prediction articles. We all love to support our local teams as well, so of course, we will provide you with predictions for this league as well. If there is a league or tournament that you follow that is missing from this list, then please do not be too upset

When are these competitions played?

You can find all the information that you need to know in the table below.



English Premier League

August to May

La Liga

August to May


August to May

Serie A

August to May

Nigerian Premier League

November to May

Champions League

September to May/June

Europa League

June to May*

*The preliminary matches of the Europa League are played throughout the summer months. The competition proper gets underway in September, the same as the Champions League.

Expert Football Tips for Betting on Football

When it comes to placing bets on football, there are some football betting tips that you should always keep in mind in order to improve your chances of winning. Two free football tips that we believe are vital when it comes to soccer betting can be found below. Please do your best to remember these when you are placing wagers.

Form Always Comes Before Reputation

If you are making your own prediction on a match, then it is always wise to check out the form of a team rather than base your prediction on reputation.

A team could have the best reputation in the world, but if they are on a dreadful run of form, you should really think of sticking your money on something else. If you are a horse racing fan, you would not back a horse that has not won in 5 races, so we do not see why you would back a football team that has not won in five matches, especially against a team that has, let us say, won 4 of their 5 matches.

If you go for reputation rather than form, then you have nobody to blame but yourself if you end up with some proverbial egg on your face.

Never Ignore Injuries and Suspensions

We will obviously not provide predictions for every single match from the leagues that we focus on, that would just be impossible. We will just pick out what we think will be the best matches and provide you with a prediction for each one.

Therefore, there is the possibility that you will have to make your own prediction for a particular match if we have not dealt with it ourselves. In this case, when you are thinking of making your own football prediction, you would be wise to check out the injury and suspension list before you stick your stake down.

When a team is missing key players, either through injury or suspension, they will obviously find it harder to get a positive result than when those players are playing. Therefore, if you just go right ahead and jump in with a bet before checking the list of available players, you could end up putting your money on a team that is going to be missing vital players.

In other words, your bet will be disadvantaged right from the start. Nobody wants that, right? So, before you place your bet, try and find some match previews of the match that you would like to bet on as these will usually inform you what players will be played and which players will be sitting it out. When you know the potential line ups for both teams, you will obviously be able to make a more solid bet.

Bookmaker Services to Use After You Have Read a Football Prediction Site

When you are betting on sports, no matter what sport it is, there are certain services that sportsbooks offer that you should always take advantage of. This includes the likes of live streaming, cash out, live stats and their own betting tips. We will take a closer look at each of these below.

Live Streaming

If you are a regular sports bettor, then you will already know that it is possible to place bets on a football match even when it has already started. When sportsbooks first came into being this was not the case, but things have improved an awful lot since then. When you are betting on a game that has already started, you are placing what is known as a live bet or an in-play bet.

Before you go ahead and place a bet on an event that has already started, you obviously need to get some understanding as to how the match is going so far. You can do this by watching a live stream of the event that you are going to bet on. Nowadays, bookies know that their customers love to place live in-play football bets, so they often provide live streaming. So, whenever there is a live stream available for a match that you are going to bet on, you should watch 5-10 minutes to see which way the match is heading. This can drastically help to improve your chances of winning your bets.

Live Stats

Sometimes there will not be a live stream available for a match that you would like to bet on. For example, if it is a Premier League match, then you will almost certainly not find a live stream no matter what bookmaker you have an account with. You will also not find any live streams for Champions League or Europa League matches. The reason for this is that broadcasters pay a lot of money to show these matches, so they are not going to allow bookies to show them to their customers for free.

When there is no live streaming available, all is definitely not lost though. You will still be able to place solid live bets thanks to the live stats that the bookmaker will provide you with. By looking at these live stats, you will be able to see which team is dominating or whether it is an even match. For instance, if one team has had 60% of the possession and 9 shots on target to the other team’s 2, but it is still 0-0 with just under 20 minutes to play, then we would recommend that it is worth your while to stick a bet on the team that is dominating to go on to win. With less than 20 minutes to go, the odds will be decent, and the live stats tell you that you have a good chance of winning your wager.

Cash Out

A cash out feature is something that you should be able to find at all bookmakers nowadays. Some will offer just a full cash out, while others will also give you the option of partially cashing out your bet. But what is a cash out? Well, a cash out is a feature that gives you the chance to ensure that you get some money back if you feel that the bet that you placed has “loser” written all over it. Sometimes, the cash out value might be lower than your original stake, but in this case it might still be worth taking it to ensure that you do not lose as much money as you would stand to lose if you were to let your bet carry on until its completion.

Bookmakers’ Betting Tips

Every now and then, you will come across a bookmaker that will provide their customers with their own betting predictions. Now, we can guarantee that they will not be as good as our own predictions but, you never know, you might come across the odd one or two that will help you win some extra money. If you create an account with a bookmaker that offers up their own predictions, then you should consider comparing our predictions with theirs. If we both predict the same outcome, then there is probably a very good chance that you will earn a profit if you go ahead and listen to us.

The Best Types of Football Bets to Make: Our Football Betting Tips

There are many different types of bet available on the Football market; so many so that it’s easy to feel confused. In the section, we have summarised the best ones to see of positive return to bettors.

The Accumulator Bet

When it comes to placing bets on a sport such as football, there are a number of different types of bets that you can make, but the type of bet that we believe is great for football is an accumulator? Why do we think this? Well, it is because accumulators are very exciting and give you the opportunity to win a lot of money.

The thing with accumulators is that you need to get all of your selections right if you are to walk away with any money. Unless, of course, you are making use of a promotion that allows you to get one selection wrong. In our opinion, there is nothing more exciting than placing an accumulator and then following the action. With each win that you get, the excitement (and the tension) will rise. Just imagine what it would feel like watching a game where you need one of the teams to win in order for you to rake in a tidy cash sum.

The Handicap Bet

Another great type of bet that you should think about making when betting on football is what is known as a handicap bet. With this type of bet, you can give a team a slight advantage or a slight disadvantage. For example, let us say that Leganes are playing Barcelona in a La Liga fixture.

Barcelona will obviously be huge favourites to win this match, so much so that betting on them to win would be rather pointless as their odds would be no higher than 1.20. However, you can improve those odds by giving them a disadvantage. For instance, if you think they are going to win the game 3-0, then you could give them a -2-goal handicap. This means that Barcelona will start with a 2-goal deficit. If they go on to win 2-0, then the bookie will classify the match as a draw, and you will lose your stake. This good thing about giving a team a deficit is that it will improve their odds. For example, by giving Barcelona a two-goal deficit, you will increase their odds from the 1.20 mark up to somewhere between 1.60 and 1.80. While this might not seem that much, it can make a lot of difference. If you put N2,000 on Barcelona to win at odds of 1.20, then you will get a profit of N400, but if you put N2,000 on Barcelona to win at odds of 1.60, your profit margins increase to N1,200.

FAQs About Free Football Tips

Below you will be able to find 3 questions that we are frequently asked.

Why Should I Pay Attention to Your Free Football Predictions and Tips?

Well, you like to win money, do you not? If the answer to this question is a resounding yes, then you have the answer as to why you should follow out free football predictions and expert football tips. If you heed our advice, then we are certain that you will start winning more money than you end up losing.

How Do Your Experts Make Their Free Football Predictions?

All of our prediction writers are huge football fans and they have been paying close attention to a number of different leagues for as long as they can remember. They will put together all of the knowledge that they have accrued down the years as well as take a look at all of the relevant stats in order to give you predictions that have a very good chance of being correct.

What Type of Football Tips Do You Offer?

We will provide you with football tips for the some of the best leagues and tournaments in the world such as the:

  • English Premier League
  • Serie A
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Champions League
  • Europa League

We will also provide you with tips for the Nigerian Premier League as well. When we are predicting matches from these leagues, we will tell you information such as who we think will win, how many goals will be scored, whether both teams are likely to score, and we might even throw in who we think will score in the match.
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