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Us, Nigerians, are huge football fans and there really is nothing that we love more than showing our support to our local teams. This is why the Nigerian Premier League is so popular in our country. When there are matches being played in this league, we will give you our football prediction, and more particularly our Nigeria Premier League predictions that will be sure to improve your odds of winning some cash. Read on, and you will learn everything that you need to be successful.

The Bookmakers That We Use for Our Nigeria Premier League Predictions

Which Bookmaker Has the Best Bonuses for Betting on the Nigerian Premier League?

If you have made an effort to sit yourself down and read our Nigerian bookie reviews (we really hope you have as you can learn a lot from them), then you will already be aware that sportsbooks offer all of their customers some fantastic promotions so that they stand out in a fierce industry as well as make sure that their customers remain thoroughly entertained. Below we shall take a look at some Nigerian bookmakers that provide great promotions that can be used on the Nigerian Premier League.


Bet9ja definitely know how to make an exciting promotion, that is for sure. At the time of writing this page, they were running a promotion where if you create an acca with 5 teams or more and you go on to win, you will receive a nice price boost.

But how much is this boost exactly? Well, depending on how many selections you have made, you can receive a price boost of anything from 5% all the way up until 170%. When the Nigerian Premier League is on, you can use your own knowledge (and our predictions, of course) to make an acca that could see you win a large sum of money.


NetBet is another bookmaker that knows how to keep their football fans thoroughly entertained. At the time of writing, they have a football promotion where if you create a 3-fold N500 acca in one week, they will give you a free N500 bet the following week. Once you have received this free bet, you can use it on some Nigerian Premier League matches.

If this was not enough though, they have another great promo that can be used on football matches. There is nothing worse than a boring 0-0, especially if that boring goalless match goes on lose you your bet. NetBet know the frustration that can arise from this scenario, which is why they offer a refund of up to N100,000 if the game you bet on finishes 0-0. To qualify for this promotion, you will need to bet anything up to N100,000 on a La Liga, Champions League, or Premier League match. If the match ends 0-0, the wager that you placed will be given back to you as a free bet – which you can use on the Nigerian Premier League.


Lionsbet has a fantastic free bet promotion where they will give customers that spend N20,000 in a week a free bet that is worth N500. Any customer that spends N40,000 or more will receive two free bets of N1,000 each. These free bets have an expiration time of a week, so you will be able to keep them in hand for when the next set of Nigerian Premier League fixtures are being played.

Sportsbooks have to change their promotions all of the time as they have to keep things fresh for their customers. Furthermore, they also have to ensure that they are staying ahead of their competition. Therefore, if you register with one of the aforementioned sportsbooks, there is a slight chance that the promos that we just mentioned are longer available. Do not be too downbeat if this is the case as the likelihood is that they have been replaced by promotions that are much better.

Who Offers the Best Odds for Betting on the Nigerian Premier League?

When it comes to bookmakers with the best odds around, Pinnacle has got to be sitting at the top of the list. Pinnacle is not a Nigerian bookie, but they have no issues with accepting players from Nigeria. When you register with Pinnacle, they will not provide you with a Welcome Bonus, nor will they give you any type of promotion.

However, although some might see this as a big disadvantage, we really do not. In our view, it is better to be to make use of the best odds on the market than receive a Welcome Bonus that is temporary and some promotions once in a while.

Bookmakers with the Best Welcome Bonuses

However, we know that there are some of you who feel that you need a Welcome Bonus and regular promotions. Therefore, if this happens to be you, then you will happy to find out that there are plenty of other fantastic

Nigerian bookies that will provide you with competitive odds for the Nigerian Premier League. These are:

  • Surebet
  • Betfair
  • Betway
  • Lionsbet
  • 1XBet
  • NetBet
  • NairaBet
  • Bet9ja
  • 22Bet

Why Do We Offer Nigeria Premier League Prediction Today for Free?

We provide you with Nigeria Premier League prediction today for free simply because our aim in life is to help improve your chances of winning money. With our tips and predictions, we hope that you will be able to win more wagers than you lose.

How Do We Make the Right Prediction?

Our Nigeria Premier League predictions are extremely accurate thanks to the fact that our writers are huge football fans that have been watching different football leagues and competitions for as long as they can remember. When they are writing their Nigeria Premier League predictions, they will use all of their football knowledge alongside all the stats that are available so that they can give you a prediction that has a high chance of being correct.

Example of a Prediction You Would Find on Our Site

For instance, let us say that Kwara United are going to be playing Abia Warriors in their next game. Both of these teams have had poor seasons and are languishing at the bottom of the table. Kwara United are sitting in 19th place with 28 points, while Abia Warriors are sitting two places above them with 30 points. These two teams are in peril of being relegated to Nigeria’s second division, as the bottom four teams go down at the end of the season. A quick look at the stats will tell you that both teams have scored the same amount of goals this season, while Kwara United have conceded five more goals than Abia Warriors. The two teams are basically evenly matched, so our prediction for this game would be a pretty boring 1-1. These are the Nigeria Premier League predictions that you can expect from us.

Why Do We Offer Free Predictions?

Like we said, we give all of our readers Nigeria Premier League predictions for free because we care about every single one of you and we want you to win as many of your bets as possible. If we can help you do that, we will be extremely happy, that is for certain.

What Exactly is the Nigeria Premier League?

Below we briefly going to take a look at the ins and outs of the Nigeria Premier League. If you are Nigerian and already know all about this league, then simply jump to the next section.

Overview of the Nigerian Premier League

The Nigeria Premier League is the top league in Nigeria. It was formed 48 years ago, and it has gone on to get a lot of popularity in the country. However, it has not been all plain sailing for this league.

For example, back in 2018, the league was suspended due to a Nigerian Football Federation crisis. Furthermore, the 2019/20 season was briefly suspended in March when a young player collapsed on the pitch and died because he did not receive the necessary treatment quick enough.

The league was suspended until all of the clubs taking part ensured that they had the medical equipment available to quickly deal with such tragic situations in the future (let us hope that they will not have to be used).

Format of the Competition

Like with the Premier League in England (a league that us, Nigerians are really fond of), there are twenty teams in the Nigeria Premier League, and each team plays each other twice – one game at home and one game away. This means that each team plays 38 matches in a season. Once all the matches have been played, the bottom four teams will find themselves relegated to the Nigeria National League. In the EPL in England, only the bottom three clubs are relegated to the Championship.

Best Teams

The winners of this league get the honour of representing Nigeria in the CAF Champions League. When the competition was suspended in 2018, Lobi Stars got to enter the CAF Champions League because they were sitting at the top of the table when the league was suspended.

Who Are the Favourites to Win?

There are 13 games left of the 2019/2020 season and it is still unclear who will be crowned victorious. However, it is unlikely that we are going to find out any time soon as the league, like most leagues across the world, has been suspended due to the Corona outbreak. If the season cannot be completed because of the Corona pandemic, then it is likely that the league will be voided.
Favourites to Win This Season
Every season, there will be those teams who Nigerian football fans will back to lift the trophy. Below we will have a look at five teams that will always be there or thereabouts come the end of the season.

Plateau United

Plateau United has not always been a contender in this league, but they won the 2017 season and are now in a prime position to retain their trophy. They have recruited well, and they now have a very strong team. Their main strength is their defence as they have only conceded 15 goals in the 25 matches that they have played. They have also scored 36 goals, which is pretty impressive too. When a team has a tight defence and an attack that has the ability to score goals, they will obviously be one of the main contenders.

Rivers United

They have never lifted this trophy, but the fact that they are sitting second in this season’s table just four points behind the leaders suggests that they now have a team that is capable of giving their fans their first  Nigeria Premier League trophy ever. The reason why they are so high up the table is the fact that they have a defence that does not give anything away. If they can improve in a couple of positions for next season, then there is no reason why they cannot end up as Champions.

Lobi Stars

They won this league back in 1999, but there is a very good chance that they would have been crowned Champions back in 2018 if the league was not suspended. Over the last few seasons, they have gotten themselves a team that can compete with the best, so they definitely should not be ruled out as potential winners for next season.

Rangers Intl

They have won this title and impressive 7 times, with the last occasion being back in 2016. During the 2019/20 season, they have conceded a few more goals than they would have liked, which is why they will need a bit of luck to go their way if they are close the gap on first place whenever the league starts up again. They are unlikely to be crowned Champions this season, but only a fool would bet against them for next season.


They are the reigning champions, but it does not look like they will be retaining their title this season. They have one of the most prolific strike forces in the league, but it is safe to say that their defence has let them down a bit this season. If they can improve their defence for next season, then there is no reason why they cannot get back to winning ways.

The Nigeria Premier League Calendar

As we have already stated, most of the leagues around the world have been suspended at the moment due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Like with football fans from all over the world, we have no idea when the remaining fixtures of the 2019/2020 season will be played. There is even a very good chance that they will not be, and the league will be voided.

In these uncertain times, none of us can tell what will happen. However, we do eventually get some news, we will come back to update this page. We will try to keep you informed as much as we possibly can.

Interesting Odds to Follow During the Nigeria Premier League

Us Nigerians know just how entertaining the Nigeria Premier League can be. However, those of us who are new to sports betting might not know that this league provides Nigerian football fans with some really good odds that can be taken advantage of. In this league, it is safe to say that it is not unusual to see an underdog give a firm favourite a good run for their money (or even beat them). Therefore, if you know what to keep an eye on, you will be able to find a lot of value.


For example, let us say that Kano Pillars are taking on Nasawara United. Kano Pillars are in 7th place in the league, while Nasawara United are currently languishing down in 19th. However, although there is a 12-place difference between the two teams, they are only separated by six points. Therefore, this helps to show just how competitive a league it is, and it would not be too much of a surprise if Nasawara went on to beat Kano Pillars. This really is a league where you can take nothing for granted.

Which Team Will Win the Nigeria Premier League Next Year?

Below we have given you a list of six teams that we firmly believe have a very good chance of lifting the Nigeria Premier League trophy next season.

We would have liked to have provided you with some of the latest odds too, but all bookmakers have suspended these until any news is heard about when the remaining fixtures will be played. When everything is back to normal, and we hope that this will be sooner rather than later, we will return and give you the odds.

  • Plateau United
  • Rivers United
  • Rangers INTL
  • Lobi Stars
  • Akwa United
  • Enyimba

Who Will Be the Top Scorer in Next Year’s Nigeria Premier League?

Those who do not follow the Nigeria Premier League will have little to no idea about the quality that is on display in this league. Many football fans around the world think that it is only the top leagues in the top countries of Europe that has any quality that is worth watching.

The Nigeria Premier League might not be home to the best forwards the world has ever seen, but those of us who watch it regularly will know that there is definitely some quality on display.

Below we have provided you with a list of strikers that we feel have a very good chance of being the league’s top goal scorer next season. Once more, we wanted to give you the odds as well, but we will not be able to do that now until the bookmakers have unsuspended them. It is something that is out of our control.

  • Abia Israel (Rangers INTL)
  • Mustapha Ibrahim (Plateau United)
  • Ndifreke Effiong (Akwa United)
  • Auwal Malam Ali (Kano Pillars)
  • Jimoh Sunday Oni (Abia Warriors)
  • Charles U Atshimene (Warri Wolves)

Tips for Making Your Own Nigeria Premier League Prediction

When it comes to placing bets on the Nigeria Premier League (or any football league for that matter), there are some great tips that you would do well to remember and put to good use before you submit your money.

Check for suspensions and injuries

Any team, even the best team in the world, will find the going tough when they are missing a number of key players due to injuries and suspensions. The more key players out injured, the harder it will obviously be for that team to get a positive result. Therefore, before you put down any of your hard-earned money on a match, take 5-10 minutes to read a couple of match previews so that you know who will be playing and who will not be playing.

If a number of key players are out, then we recommend that you put your money on another team.

Check the form

This might seem like an obvious thing to state, but you will be amazed at how many bettors end up losing money because they have backed reputation rather than form. A team can have a reputation as being a very good team, but if they have lost five on the bounce and are playing a team (with a reputation of being a weaker team) that has only lost one of their last five games, then we know who we would put our money on. It definitely is not the former.

Always look at the form of the team and not their reputation, this is what we are basically trying to tell you here.

Always try to find the diamond in the rough

In other words, always try to get as much value as you can. Let us say that you are the type of sports fan that likes to place a bet on a particular player to score in a match. When you are doing this, we really recommend that you do not opt for one of the outright favourites. Okay, we know that there is a good chance that you will end up winning this bet, but nine times out of ten, the profit will not even be worth telling your friends about. Unless, of course, you have placed a huge sum of money, which is risky in itself.

We cannot stress enough that it is much better, in our opinion, to try and find a player that knows where the net is, but they do not score so much that their odds are low. A defender or holding midfielder that takes his team’s penalties is a good choice for such a bet.

Bookmaker Services to Make Use of After Reading Our Nigeria Premier League Predictions

When you are betting on football matches, no matter what league it is, there are some services that bookmakers make available that are extremely useful. These are live stats, live streaming, and the cash out option. We will now take a closer look at these below.

Live Streaming and Live Stats

When you are placing in-play bets on football, it is always handy if there is live streaming available as it means that you can follow all of the action so that you can get some sort of understanding as to how the game is going to play out. If you have read our Premier League, Europa League, and Champions League predictions pages, then you will know that there are never any streams available for matches from these competitions.

However, you will be glad to hear that Nigerian bookies will provide live streaming for an array of football matches in Nigeria.
Bookies such as Bet9ja and NairaBet are very good when it comes to live streaming Nigerian football.

If there is not a live stream available for a particular match, then usually there will be some live stats available. Live stats are very useful as they give you a good idea to the direction that the match is going. Therefore, before placing in-play bets, we really recommend that you watch some of the match if live streaming is available and, if it is not, you check out the live stats.

Cash Out Option

Every single one of the sportsbooks that we have mentioned on our site provides their players with a cash out option. What is this exactly? Well, it is a feature that allows you to cash out your bet for a particular sum of money if you believe that your bet is going to go on to lose.

For example, let us pretend that the Sunshine Stars are taking on Warri Wolves this weekend and you slap down N2,000 on Sunshine Stars to win at odds of 2.00. This means that if they win, you will receive a profit of N2,000. At half-time, they are winning 1-0, but Warri Wolves have had all of the ball and most of the chances. The bookmaker that you have an account with is offering a cash out of N2,500, which would mean a profit of N500. Considering how the game is going, you decide to take it. Warri Wolves go on to win 2-1, meaning cashing out was the right thing to do.

What bookmakers offer good cash out offers? Well, all the ones that we mention provide fair cash out values, but 22Bet have a bit of a reputation as being extremely fair with the cash out figures that they give their players.

Nigeria Premier League Stats to Help with Your Betting

When you are sitting down and making your own Nigeria Premier League predictions, it is always wise to take a look at some of the stats. This is exactly what we will do below.

Best Team

Who has won the Nigeria Premier League the most? Well, this honor falls to Enyimba as they have won the trophy an impressive 8 times, with the last time being in 2019. Rangers INTL are hot on their tail though as they have picked up the trophy 7 times, with the last success coming back in 2016. Shooting Stars and Heartland have been successful on 5 different occasions. However, the last time that Shooting Stars won it was back in 1998 and the last time that Heartland won it was back in 1993.

Top Scorers of all Times

This league has seen some very good strikers and the table below shows the top scorer from the last 10 seasons.


Goals Scored

Ahmed Musa
Kano Pillars



Jude Aneke
Kaduna United

Sibi Gwar
Niger Tornadoes



Victor Namo
Nasarawa United

Mfon Udoh



Gbolahan Salami
Warri Wolves

Godwin Obaje
Wikki Tourists



Anthony Okpotu
Lobi Stars

Junior Lokosa
Kano Pillars



Mfon Udoh
Akwa United


Top Scorers over the last 10 years

The above table shows you the top scorers from the last ten years. The table that we have provided below gives you the top scorers from this season.




Abia Israel
Rangers INTL


Mustapha Ibrahim
Plateau United



Ndifreke Effiong
Akwa United

Auwal Malam Ali
Kano Pillars



Victor Mbaoma

Tasiu Lawal



Stanley Dimgba

Malachi Ohawume
Rivers United



Charles U Atshimene
Warri Wolves

Idris Mohammed Aguda
Wikki Tourist


FAQ About the Nigeria Premier League

People like to ask a lot of questions about this league and below we have provided you with four of the most common.

According to the Bookmakers, Who Are Some Favorites of the Nigeria Premier League?

Every single season, there will always be a number of teams that pundits and fans strongly believe will go on to lift the silverware come the end of the season.

Below is a list of regular favourites for this competition.

  • Plateau United
  • Rivers United
  • Lobi Stars
  • Enyimba
  • Akwa United

Who Won the Nigeria Premier League Last Year?

The 2018/19 Nigerian Premier League was won by Enyimba. It was their 8th title in total.

How Can You Follow Our Premier League Predictions?

Keeping up to date with our Nigeria Premier League predictions is very easy. All that you have to do is to make sure to check this website regularly and you will have access to any new predictions that we upload.

No predictions yet!

Please back to the page soon.

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