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Ice Hockey can be a very entertaining sport to watch, especially when the best teams in the world test out their skills against each other. On this website, you will find ice hockey predictions that will hopefully help you to win more of your bets. Read on, and you will find out everything that you need to know about betting on this fast-flowing sport and win thanks to our betting tips.

The Bookmakers That You Can Use Our Ice Hockey Prediction Site With

So, you are an ice hockey fan and you have already taken the time to have a read of our ice hockey predictions. You are intrigued by what you have read, but there is something important that you have not done yet. What is that? Well, in order to place sports bets and put our ice hockey predictions to good use, you need to create an account with a sportsbook.

But what sportsbook is the best for Nigerian players? Well, you will be happy to hear that you will not have to put in any effort to find this out for yourself as we have done all of the hard graft for you. Below is a list of 10 bookies that are perfect for us Nigerians. However, before you go ahead and sign up with one of these, we really do recommend that you take some time to have a look at our bookmaker reviews as you will know which one is perfect for you after reading these.

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What Sportsbooks Offer the Best Bonuses for Your 1st Ice Hockey Bet?

So, what is it that bookmakers do in order to attract your attention? Well, there are a number of things, but the main one is that they provide customers with exciting and entertaining promotions. So, from the sportsbooks that we have just listed above, we are going to mention some that have fantastic promotions that you will be able to make use of when you are betting on ice hockey.


Lionsbet are running a promotion bonus where you can earn one free bet of N500 or two free bets of N1,000 each.

In order to receive one free bet, you have to spend N20,000 or more over the course of a week. If you want the two free bets, then you will have to spend N40,000 over the course of a week.

Once you have received your free bet, that will be given to you the following Monday, you will have 7 days to use it and you can use it for whatever sport you like.

The free bet can be used on an accumulator or a single pick, it is entirely up to you. However, each selection that you pick has to have odds that are greater than 1.30. This free bet has to be staked on something – you will not be able to withdraw the cash value.


Bet9ja have a promotion bonus where they will boost your winnings if you place an accumulator that goes on to be a winner.

To qualify for this promotion, you will have to put down an accumulator that has at least 5 picks. If your accumulator is successful, then you will get extra money on top of your winnings.

But how much extra will you receive? Well, this is dependents on how many picks that you went for, but it will be anywhere between 5-170%. The more picks that you add to your accumulator, the higher your money boost will be.
So, with this promotion, you can end up winning quite a lot of extra money.


Surebet247 have a fantastic promotion bonus that can be put to use on ice hockey.

In order to qualify for this promotion, you will have to deposit between N2,000-10,000 and then use the code “Reload25s”. Once you have done this, they will reward you with extra money that is worth 25% of the amount that you just successfully deposited. The extra money that you are given can only be used on single bets and your pick has to have odds that are 2.10 or more.

If you happen to be new to the world of ice hockey betting, then you can use this extra money to familiarize yourself with some ice hockey bets. The great thing about this is that you do not have to risk any of your own money. As well as familiarizing yourself with ice hockey betting, you could also take a bit of a risk.

For example, you could place money on a severe underdog to win a match. If they do, then you will end up with a tidy profit, but if they go on to lose as expected, you will not have lost any of your own money, so you will have nothing to be upset about.

Keep in Mind

Bookies have to change their promotions quite regularly. This is not simply because they feel like it, it is because it is something that has to be done.

If you decide to register with one of the bookies that we just talked about, there is a chance that the promotions that we just explained are no longer available. However, we can guarantee that whatever they decide to replace the promotion with, it will be just as entertaining as the one that came before. Sportsbooks know how important promotions can be when it comes to keeping customers, so they are obviously only going to replace an old one with one that is just as good or even better.

Read the Terms and Conditions

When it comes to promotions, there is always one thing that we recommend you do, no matter what the promotion is, and that is to take a few moments to read all of the terms and conditions. Failure to know the terms and conditions could see you do something that shall result in you forfeiting the promotion, which is something that none of us wants to happen.

Who Provides the Best Odds for Betting on Ice Hockey?

When it comes down to placing ice hockey bets, which bookie should you consider signing up with in order to be able to get some competitive ice hockey odds?

Well, if you decide to register with the likes of Bet9ja, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the ice hockey odds that they will give you. Do not forget that you can also make use of some great promotions if you register with this sportsbook.

However, it is safe to say that all of the sportsbooks that you will find mentioned throughout the site will give you odds that you will not be disappointed with.

How Do We Make Accurate Ice Hockey Predictions?

If you have read some of our prediction pages for other sports, then you will already know that all of our predictions are written by people who know a lot about that particular sport. What they do not know is simply not worth knowing, that is how informed they are. This is the same when it comes to our ice hockey predictions.

So, how is it that our ice hockey prediction writers ensure that the predictions that they give you have a strong chance of improving your chances of winning? Well, they use all of their ice hockey knowledge that they have picked up over the years and then make use of any recent statistics that they can get their hands on.

No matter what league the ice hockey game is being played in, our writers will produce ice hockey predictions that can go a long way to ensuring that you win a bit more money.

However, we think that it is important to add something here. Our ice hockey predictors, just like our predictors for that other sports that you will find on this site, will not be able to give correct outcomes all of the time, although you can guarantee that they will try their best. So, if you decide to agree with one of their predictions but it turns out to be wrong, please do not get upset with our tipsters as they will be just as disappointed that they were wrong.

Why Do We Offer Free Predictions?

Every single person who pays our site a visit will have free access to all of our ice hockey predictions. Why do we not charge for people to make use of our predictions? Well, our main goal is to help our sports betting fans to make a profit.

Example of Prediction

Below we will give you a quick example of a type of ice hockey prediction that you will come across on this site. Let us say that you are a fan of the Moose Hockey League (MHL) in Canada and there is a game taking place between the Gladiators and Rangers.

The Gladiators sit at the top of the table with 121 points, while Rangers sit in third place with 108 points. When we look at the last 10 matches that these two teams have played, we will see that the Gladiators have won 8 of their last 10, while Rangers have won 5 of their last ten. Therefore, it is safe to say that form is on the side of the Gladiators.

When we look at other statistics such as goals scored and goals conceded, the Gladiators have scored 336 goals and conceded 196, while Rangers have scored 323 goals and conceded have conceded 249. Therefore, with over 600 goals between the two teams, we will be expecting a high scoring game.

But who do we think will come out on top in the end? Well, we would have to opt for a Gladiators win as their defence seems to be a bit better than the defence that Rangers have. To add to this, their form is a lot better. However, we think it will be a close match in the end, with plenty of entertaining goals on display.

Why Do People Love to Make Ice Hockey Predictions?

We love to make predictions because we love it when we guess the outcome of a sporting event and it happens exactly the way that we said it would. When this scenario occurs, we cannot help reminding all of our friends and family (well, anyone who will listen really) that we predicted what would come to pass. We all feel some sort of pride and satisfaction when we predict something correctly.

All of our tipsters will be very happy if something that they predict will happen turns out to happen. Not only will they be happy about their own abilities, but they will also be happy knowing that have helped some of our readers earn some extra cash.

What Competitions Do We Make Ice Hockey Predictions for?

On our site you will find ice hockey predictions for what are known to be three of the best ice hockey leagues in the world. There are so many leagues out there that we cannot provide predictions for every single one. We would like to apologize if we do not include the league that you are interested in. However, do not despair too much as there is a very good chance that we will add more leagues in the future.

Tournaments and Dates

The table below will show you the three tournaments that we predict matches for as well as the months that these tournaments will be played throughout.

You should familiarize yourself with these months so that you know when each league is in action. This will help to ensure that you do not end up missing out on some great ice hockey bets.



National Hockey League (NHL)

Regular season is October to April, while the Play-offs are from April to June

Elitserien (Swedish Elite League)

Played between September and March

Kontinental Hockey League

Played between September and April

We cannot give you the exact starting and end dates for the aforementioned tournaments as it varies slightly each year.

When the leagues are soon due to start, you will be able to find the exact start and end dates on the Internet with no problems at all.

Highlight of the KHL

The KHL is regarded by many as being the best ice hockey league in Europe. Founded back in 2008, the league is composed of 24 different teams. This is one team from China, Belarus, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and 19 teams from Russia. The only hockey league that is said to be better than this league is the NHL, which is the major hockey league in the United States.

Ice Hockey Betting Tips for Betting on Ice Hockey

When you are thinking about placing some ice hockey bets, that are some ice hockey betting tips that you would do well to keep in mind as they will increase your chances of being a successful bettor. Below we have provided you with some tips that we feel are really important when you are betting on ice hockey.

Bet When There is Value

If you have visited other pages on our website, then you will probably have lost count of the number of times that we have mentioned the word “value”.

If you base your betting strategy on always backing the underdogs, then your sports betting experience will not be a very pleasant one, that is for sure. However, because most hockey matches are pretty close affairs, you can find value in backing the underdogs, but you need to know when there is value and when there is not.

Being able to find the value is key. When we say finding value, we mean finding an outcome that has a higher chance of happening than the given odds would suggest. To start with, you will find that it is tricky to do, but as you gain more experience, you will find that it becomes easier and easier. In fact, with a bit of experience, you will be able to have a look at a list of games that are going to be played soon and pick out two or three teams that could provide you with a value bet. Until you have mastered this skill yourself, we will help you.

Always Look at the Home and Away Form

If you are thinking about placing a bet on an away team to win, then you should check out their away form before you go ahead and lay any money down. At ice hockey matches, the fans are so close to the action that they can almost be an extra player for the home team.

If the team that you want to bet on has poor away form and are playing a team that are known to be difficult to beat at home because they have their fans behind them, then we would recommend that you go and place your money on another team.

Furthermore, when you are betting in a team to win, you need to pay attention to their form more than their reputation. This might sound obvious to an experienced sports bettor, but you would be surprised at how many novices place their money on reputation alone and end up losing. Before you place a bet on a team, check out their overall form and if they are going through a bad patch, then we recommend that you do not place a bet on them.

Always Check to See Who is in Goal

A team consists of 6 players and each one plays an important role for their team. However, it is not wrong to say that the goaltender is the most important player.

They might appear extremely large in front of the 120cm by 180cm goal that they stand in front of, but their job is to keep a 76mm by 25mm puck that is travelling at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour out of their net. A difficult and daunting task if you ask us.

Therefore, with all this in mind, you should always do some research about the goaltenders in an ice hockey game. You can check out their previous results and see what kind of streak they are going through.

Bookmaker Services to Use When Betting on Ice Hockey

When you are sport betting, there are a number of different services that your bookie will provide you with that can help with your success. For example, there is live streaming, cash out, live statistics, and their own betting predictions. We will now take a close look at these features.

Live Streaming

If you have bet on sports in the past, then you probably already know that you can bet on particular outcomes happening in a sporting event even if that event has started already. When sportsbooks were first released to the public, this was something that you could not do. If the event had started, you would have to go and bet on one that had yet to begin. When you are betting on an event that has started already, what you are doing is placing an in-play bet.

Before you place a bet on an ice hockey game, it is obviously better if you find out some information about how it has been going so far. For example, it is wise to find out which team is dominating. A way that you can find this out is by watching some of the matches before you place your stake. Sportsbooks are fully aware that their experienced players like to watch before they bet, so most will provide you with live streaming. Will you find live streams for ice hockey events? You will be happy to hear that you can.

So, if you like the look of a match and you are thinking about placing some money on it, then the first thing that you need to do before risking your money is to watch some of the live streams if there is one available. By having an idea as to how the event is playing out, you can drastically increase your chances of winning any bets that you then place.

Live Stats

Sometimes though, you will find that the bookmaker you have an account with is not offering up any live streams for a game that you want to bet on. When this is the case, all is not lost as the bookie shall provide you with live stats instead. Learning how to read the live stats properly will play a huge part in improving how successful your live betting is.

Cash Out

The majority of bookmakers that you come across, well the good ones anyway, provide their customers with a cash out feature. Some provide just a full cash out option, while other also have a partial cash out feature. Most of the sportsbooks that accept Nigerian players only provide the former.

Let us give you an example of a cash out so that you can get a better understanding about the benefits of this feature. Let us say that you are a fan of the NHL and you want to place a bet on a match between the Blues and the Jets. The Blues are at the top of the table, but you believe the Jets have a chance because they have the best form in the division. The Jets are 3.00 to win, which is a value bet in your opinion. Therefore, you decide to stick N2,000 on them to win. There are 10 minutes left in the game and the Jets are winning by 3 goals. However, you still think that there is a possibility that they go on to lose. You have a look at the cash out value and your bookie is offering you N5,000 to cash out now. You decide to take, which turns out to be a good decision because the Jets concede 3 goals in the final 10 minutes and draw the match.

So, the cash out option is there for you to use when you believe that the wager that you have made could go on to lose. You should also consider this option even if you are not going to end up making a profit. For instance, if your wager has been a bad one from the start, but your bookie is still offering up a cash out value, then you should consider taking it so that you do not end up losing all of your original stake.

To find out even more about the cash out feature, head on over to our dedicated cash out page. Here you can find everything that you need to know about it.

Bookmaker’s Betting Tips

Some bookmakers, not all of them, provide their customers with their own tips and predictions. Are they as good as the ones you can find on our site? We highly doubt it, but if you are lucky, they might help you win some extra money.

If the sportsbook that you have registered with offers free tips and predictions, then you should take the time to compare them with our own predictions. If we have both agree on the same thing, then surely it is worth trusting us as taking the gamble. However, if we predict different things, then you need to decide who you believe more. You would probably be wise to trust us.

The Best Types of Ice Hockey Bets to Make

With this sport, just like with any other sport, there are many different types of bets that you can place. However, not all bets are created equally. Below we have provided some of the best bets to make use of when betting on this sport.

Accumulator Bet

When betting on any sport, one of the best bets that you can place, in our opinion, is an accumulator bet. Why is this? Well, we challenge you to find another type of bet that can provide you with a bunch of excitement alongside the chance to win huge sums of money. However, please keep in mind that you need to get all of your selections right if you want to win. Unless, of course, you are making use of a promotional bonus that gives you the option of losing one of your picks.

Let us pretend that you have stuck down an 8-fold accumulator and so far, you have managed to get 7 of your selections correct. Can you imagine the tension and excitement when watching the final match? You’ll be screaming at the television or stream every time that the team you want to win gets close to their opponent’s goal. There is no other bet that provides such excitement.

Teams to Score Bet

Another fun betting market is both teams to score. However, in this sport, more goals are scored than in sports such as football, so with this type of bet you need both teams to score two or more goals or 3 and more goals and so on. You cannot win a huge amount of money with this type of bet (unless you stick a huge wager), but it is still a great bet as it is highly entertaining.

Whenever either team is attacking, you’ll be urging them to score until both teams have scored enough goals to win your bet for you.
One final entertaining bet for this sport is a player to score the first or last goal. Depending on the player that you opt for, the odds can be pretty decent here.

However, you should make this type of bet if you are looking to add some excitement to what is looking like a boring evening. When you have this type of wager running, when the score is still 0-0 and someone has the puck that is not your chosen player, you’ll be screaming at them to pass to your chosen player so that they can shoot a score. This is going to be the same when the game is coming to an end and you have a wager on a particular player to score the final goal.


Below we have provided three common questions that we get asked frequently.

Why Should I Pay Attention to Your Free Ice Hockey Predictions and Tips?

Anyone who loves to win money should pay close attention to our tips and predictions as this is exactly what they help you to have a greater chance to win your bet. If this is not the best reason ever, then we do not know what is.

How Do Your Experts Make Their Free Ice Hockey Predictions?

Every single ice hockey prediction that you will come across on this site is composed by huge fans of the sport. They have been following it for many years and they will use all of their knowledge and statistics to provide you with predictions that can help you out a lot.

What Type of Ice Hockey Tips Do You Offer?

Our predictors shall provide you with tips for three of the best leagues in the world. In their predictions you can find information such as the team that will win the game, the number of goals that shall be scored, the players that shall score, and so on. In other words, you can find a whole lot of great information that can help you win money.

No predictions yet!

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