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Football might be the most popular sport in Nigeria (and the world, of course), but there is another sport that many of us love to watch and bet on and that sport is basketball. This is a very entertaining sport and we will give you plenty of basketball predictions that are certain to improve your chances of winning. Intrigued to find out more? Please keep reading our betting tips.

The Bookmakers That You Can Use Our Basketball Predictions With

So, you have taken the time to read some of our basketball predictions, but you still need to register with a bookie before you can start placing some basketball bets. If you are sitting there wondering what sportsbook is the best for you, then do not worry as we have definitely got you covered on that basis as well.

Below we have given you a list of ten bookies that are great for Nigerian sports bettors.

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What Sportsbooks Offer the Best Bonuses for Your 1st Basketball Sports Bet?

When the industry that you rely on to make a living is so competitive, you have to go that extra mile to try and make yourself stand out from the rest. If you manage to do this, then you certainly will never have to worry about business coming your way. How do sportsbooks do this? Well, there are a variety of ways, but one of the main ways is to provide players with very exciting promotions. Out of the bookies that we have listed above, which ones have fantastic promotional bonuses that can be used when you are placing your first basketball bet?


NetBet, you will be glad to hear, have a specific basketball promo running at the moment. With this promotion, if you place a basketball accumulator of 3-folds or more and a stake of N500 or more, then you will receive a free N500 bet.

Each selection for your accumulator must have minimum odds of 1.50 and once you have received the free bet, you will have up to a week to make use of it – if you do not, then you will lose it. You can use your free bet on another acca or on a single bet.


NairaBet have a promotion where they will still give you some money if you make a 10-fold accumulator or more and only one of your selections goes on to let you down.

Some bookies will just return your stake in this case, which is still good as it means that you are not losing any money, but NairaBet will give you a cut of the total amount that you would have gone on to win, which is great.

With this promotion, all of your 10 selections must have odds of at least 1.20 in order for you to qualify.


Surebet247 have a great promotion that can be used on basketball. With this bonus, you have to deposit a minimum of N2000 up to a maximum of N10,000, and then input a code that is “Reload25S”.

After you have successfully done this, Surebet247 will provide you with a bonus that is worth 25% of the money that you have just deposited. This extra money can only be wagered on single bets which have minimum odds of 2.10. If you happen to be new to the world of basketball betting, then you can spend this extra money on your first basketball bet. Since it is not your own money, you actually have nothing to lose. Therefore, you could even take a bit of a risk.

For example, you could go to the Eastern Conference of the NBA and bet on the Washington Wizards to beat the Toronto Raptors. In all honesty, there is probably a small chance of this happening, but anything can happen in the NBA, and sometimes it is just worth taking a risk, especially when you are not actually spending any of your own money.

Keep in Mind

Sportsbooks have to constantly change their promotions to prevent things from becoming stale for their players. The last thing that a bookie wants, or needs, is for their customers to start getting bored as this will mean only one thing – they will request to close their accounts and will take their money somewhere else. Therefore, if you decide to register with one of the bookies that we just spoke about, there could be the possibility that their promotions have changed. If this happens to be the case, then it is not our fault. We just wanted to give you some sort of idea as to the type of promotions that you will be able to find at different sportsbooks. Besides, whatever promotion they have been replaced with, you can be certain that it will be just as good or even better than the one that they had before.

Read the Terms and Conditions

When it comes to promotions, there is one thing that you should always do and that is to take the time to read the terms and conditions that are attached to each promotion. By doing this, you can get a good understanding as to what is expected of you, which means that you will not make a mistake that could cost you the use of that promotion.

Who Provides the Best Odds for Betting on Basketball?

When it comes down to placing bets on basketball, which bookmaker should you register with in order to get some great odds?

Well, you definitely will not be disappointed if you decided to register with the likes of NetBet. They will provide you with very competitive basketball odds and the fact that they have promotions that are dedicated to basketball is a good sign that they take basketball seriously.

However, it is fair to say that all of the sportsbooks that we mention on this site provide competitive odds.

Free Basketball Predictions on Our Basketball Prediction Site

Every single basketball prediction that you will be able to find on our basketball prediction site is as accurate as possible and will cost you absolutely nothing to read it.

How Do We Make Accurate Basketball Predictions?

Any average Joe can sit down and compose a basketball prediction, but if their predictions are always wrong, then you will be wasting precious time and money whenever you sit down and read their opinions about a particular basketball game.

All of our basketball predictions are composed by experts who live and breathe the sport. They take all of their basketball knowledge that they have picked up down the years and they also pay close attention to any relevant data. No matter what league the basketball match is from, they will concoct a basketball prediction that will give you a very good chance of winning extra cash.

However, like with everything that you will come across in life, our basketball prediction writers are far from perfect – and they do not claim to be otherwise. They will not be able to give you the correct points score or result in all of the time.

Why Do We Offer Free Predictions?

All of our readers can access our basketball predictions for no cost at all as our main aim is to provide you with profit. If we charged you to access our predictions, then we will be decreasing the amount of profit that you make, which is something that we definitely do not want to do. Furthermore, if the prediction turns out to be wrong, then you will lose more money – the money that you paid to access the prediction as well as the wager that you decided to stake on your bet.

Example of a Basketball Prediction

Below you can find a brief example of a type of basketball prediction that you will be able to find on this site. Let us pretend that you are a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and they are taking on the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference of the NBA. A quick glance at the Western Conference table will show you that the LA Lakers are sitting at the top of the table, having won 49 matches from the 63 that they have played. The Blazers, on the other hand, have won just 29 games from the 66 matches that they have played.

Out of their last ten games, the LA Lakers have won 8 matches and only lost 2, while the Blazers have only won 4 and have lost 6. Therefore, we can see that the Lakers have a much better form than the Blazers. When it comes to points scored and points conceded, the Lakers are on +7.4, while the Blazers are on -1.7. Both teams score roughly the same amount of points each game, but the Blazers concede a lot more.

So, taking all of this into account, what would our prediction be for this basketball match? Well, we can only see one result here and that is a Lakers win. However, the odds for them to win are likely going to be pretty low, so we would recommend that you make a point spread bet. By doing this, you can improve the odds a bit. We really cannot see the Lakers winning by fewer than 10 points.

Why Do People Love to Make Basketball Predictions?

There is one thing, we think it is fair to say, that all humans love to be, and that is correct. Whenever we predict something and it turns out to be correct, we cannot help but tell anyone who will listen about the prophecy that we got correct. When we are correct about something, we get an immense sense of pride.

With regards to basketball, it is safe to say that all basketball fans have their own views and opinions. This is what, in our humble opinion, makes basketball such a fantastic sport. When we find somebody that shares our love for basketball, we can spend hours and hours chatting to them while having a nice cold pint. If we all had the same basketball views, then life for us basketball fans would be pretty boring, to say the least.

What Competitions Do We Make Basketball Predictions for?

On this site of ours, you will be able to find basketball predictions for the NBA. We know there are plenty of other basketball competitions out there.

NBA Predictions

The NBA is the one that most us Nigerian basketball fans pay attention to. Therefore, it obviously makes sense to provide NBA prediction articles.

When is the NBA played? Well, the regular season starts in October and goes all the way until March, when the playoffs will begin.
Other Basketball Leagues
If you would like to follow more great basketball leagues, then check out the table below as we have listed some of the best outside of the NBA.




October to April

Spain’s Liga ACB

October to May

Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga

September to May

Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A

October to May

Adriatic League (ABA)

September to March

Australia’s National Basketball League

October to February

So, as you can see from the table above, there are plenty of basketball leagues that you can follow if you are a basketball fan. In the future, we might start adding predictions for some of these leagues as well, so stay tuned.

Basketball Prediction Tips for Betting on Basketball

When it comes to putting down some basketball bets, there is a tip or two that you should always remember. Why should you remember them? Well, by doing so, you will increase your odds of winning. Below we have provided you with two great tips that we believe are extremely important for when you are placing some basketball wagers. Therefore, you should definitely try to memorize these basketball prediction tips if you are a regular basketball bettor.

The Key is to Find Value

If you start placing wagers on basketball without any care for value, then we guarantee that you will end up haemorrhaging money. You need to be able to learn where the value lies whenever you are placing a bet. This will be tricky for novices, but when you get more experience, it is something that will become a lot easier to do. In fact, in time, you will be able to look at a set of NBA fixtures and pick out two or three value bets in a matter of minutes. However, until you have mastered this skill, this is what we are here for.

Secret Strategies Do Not Exist

There are plenty of websites out there that will tell you that they can provide you with secret strategies that will help you to become a more successful basketball bettor. Those who are basketball betting novices will obviously be intrigued by this and are very likely to take the bait. It would be absolutely fantastic if we could win all of our bets, but this is obviously something that will never happen.

Do you think sportsbooks would have markets available where they lose ever bet that is place? We think the answer to this question is pretty obvious. You can read everything you like, but the truth of the matter is that there is no basketball betting strategy that will help you to win a high percentage of your basketball bets.

Bookmaker Services to Use When Betting on Basketball

When you are placing some bets on sports (it does not matter what that sport is), there are a number of services that bookies offer that you should always be ready to take advantage of. These services are cash out, live stats, live streaming, and their own betting predictions. We will now take a closer look at these four things below, in no particular order.

Live Streaming

If you bet regularly, then you will know that you can bet on sporting events even when they have already started. When online bookies first started, this was not possible, but things have changed a lot since back then. When you place a wager on a sporting event that has already begun, you are putting down what we call a live or in-play bet.

Before you place a stake on a basketball game that has started already, you need to find out how the match has been going so far. The best way to do this is by watching some of the matches for yourself. Nowadays, sportsbooks are more than aware that their players like to put down in-play basketball bets, so many will provide you with live basketball streaming. Will you be able to find live streams for NBA matches? The answer to this is that the majority of bookies will provide you with live streaming for NBA games.

Therefore, if you want to bet on a match and there is a live stream available, you really should spend a bit of time watching it so you can see which team is more likely to win. You can drastically increase your odds of being a winner if you do this.

Live Stats

However, sometimes you will find that there are no live streams for the basketball game that you would like to place a bet on. When this is the case, there is no need to be too disheartened because you will still be provided with live stats that will be able to assist you.

Live stats will be able to inform you about whether one team is dominating or whether it is more of an event game. Learn how to read the live data like an expert and you will certainly improve your chances of winning.

Cash Out

The majority of bookmakers will offer their players a cash out feature. In fact, all of the bookies that you will find mentioned on this site will provide you with a cash out feature – some even have a partial cash out option.

So, what are you doing when you are cashing out? Well, by cashing out, you are ensuring that you will get some cash back should your bet go on to lose. You should use this option whenever you feel that your bet is not looking so good. Sometimes, you might have to cash out an amount that is lower than the stake that you placed, but it is better to lose part of your stake rather than the whole lot.

We hope that you now have a better understanding as to what the cash out option is, but if you would like to find out a lot more information, then we strongly recommend that you read our dedicated cash out page. Once you have read this, you will know all that you need to know about the cash out feature. This is our guarantee to you.

Bookmaker’s Betting Tips

There are some bookmakers out there that will provide their players with their own predictions. Now, we are pretty certain that they will not be anywhere near as good as the predictions that you will find on our site, but there could be the odd diamond in the rough that could see you win some extra cash.
If you have registered with a bookie that provides their very own predictions, then feel free to compare our predictions with what they predict. If we are both saying the same thing, then you stand an even better chance of walking away with some type of profit.

If we both have different predictions, then we highly recommend that you go ahead with what our prediction writers are predicting.

Best Type of Basketball Bet to Make According to Basketball
Prediction Sites

When you are placing basketball bets, there are obviously different types of bets that you can place but what, in our humble opinion, is the best type of bet to use when you are betting on basketball?

Accumulator Bet

Well, according to this basketball prediction sites, we feel that you cannot get much better than an accumulator, which is sometimes known as a parlay wager.

Why is this? Well, there are not many more types of bets out there that can give you the same excitement as an accumulator can. To add to this, accumulators also give you the chance to win an awful lot of money if Lady Luck is on your side. However, remember that with accumulator betting, every single one of your picks has to be right in order for you to win. The only exception to this is if the bookmaker has a promotion running (like the one we mentioned near the start) that state that they will still pay out if one of your picks loses.

With each win in your accumulator, the excitement will build. However, along with this excitement, there will also be tension as well. Just imagine the excitement of following a basketball game where you need one of the teams to win in order to walk away with N500,000. There is no other type of bet out there that allows for such excitement.

Over/Under Bet

Another fun type of bet for when you are betting on basketball is the over/under market. With this type of bet, you simply have to guess whether the total amount of points scored in the match will be above a certain amount or below a certain amount. When you are placing such a type of bet, you should remember that points scored in overtime will be included in the total. This is different from football because with an over or under bet in football, the bet comes to a conclusion at the end of normal time.

This type of bet is really, and we shall explain why now. Let us say that you have over 195 points to be scored in the match. This means that you need 196 points to be score in order to win. Therefore, every time one of the teams is attacking, you will be willing them on to score so that they help your bet. Furthermore, if they keep on missing, you will be able to feel the frustration building.

You will not usually be able to win huge amounts of cash with such bets unless you place a huge initial wager. However, if you are just on the lookout for a fun type of bet that also gives you the opportunity to win a bit of money, then we would recommend the over/under bet.


Here are three questions that people regularly ask us.

Why Should I Pay Attention to Your Free Basketball Predictions and Tips?

If you would like to improve your chances of winning, then you should definitely pay attention to our free basketball predictions and tips. If you take our advice on board, we guarantee that you will start to win more money than you usually do.

How Do Your Experts Make Their Free Basketball Predictions?

Every single one of our basketball predictions is written by a huge basketball fan. They have been following the best basketball leagues in the world for many years and they will use all of the knowledge that they have picked up as well as the relevant data to provide you with predictions that stand a good chance of coming true.

What Type of Basketball Tips Do You Offer?

At this moment in time, we will give you basketball tips for the NBA. However, in future, there is a good possibility that we will focus on another basketball tournament or two in the future. In the predictions that you will find on this site, you will be privy to information such who is going to win the game, the points range that they will win the game by, the number of points that will be scored, and we might even throw in the top points scorer in the game.

No predictions yet!

Please back to the page soon.

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