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Many of us watch the Premier League religiously, but if there is another league in Europe that we are highly interested in, then it has got to be the La Liga in Spain. When there are games being played in this competition, we will provide you with La Liga predictions, and other football prediction articles, that will see you win more money. Keep on reading this page and we will help you become a successful Spanish football bettor.

The Bookmakers That We Use for Our Prediction for La Liga

Which Bookmaker Has the Best Bonuses for Betting on the La Liga Premier League

If you have acquainted yourself with all of our Nigerian sportsbook reviews (and we really recommend that you do if you have not), then we are certain that you will already be fully aware that bookies have to provide their customers with great promotions so that keep spending money there and do not take their custom elsewhere. Below we will have a little look at some Nigerian bookies that give customers brilliant promotions that they can use on matches in La Liga (as well as other football around the world, of course).


Betway are not a Nigerian-based sportsbook, but they are happy to accept us Nigerians. When we were writing this page, they had a promotion going where if you create a 6-10-fold acca and you go on to lose because of just one team, you will still earn some cash.
Therefore, with this type of promotion, you can create a La Liga 6-fold accumulator and if one team messes it all up for you, you will still be a winner. How great is that?


Lionsbet, at the time of writing, had a great promotion available to their customers. Those who spend N20,000 in one week are given a free bet of N500, while those that spend N40,000 in a week are given two free bets that are worth N1,000 each.
You have one week to spend these free bets, so you have plenty of time to save them for the following weekend when more La Liga matches are being played.


Bet9Ja are a Nigerian sportsbook that know more than a thing or two about creating promotions that will keep their customers highly entertained. One of the best ones that they had when we were writing this page was that anyone who created an accumulator with five or more teams that went on to be a winner would get a special price boost added on to their winnings.
How much exactly? Well, this is totally dependent on the amount of selections that you made, but the lowest that you will get is a 5% boost, while the highest boost that you can get stands at 170%.


If you are a big football fan, then NetBet will be able to keep you highly entertained, that is for certain. They have a promotion where if you make a 3-fold football accumulator worth N500, the following week they will provide you with a free bet that is worth N500. Once you have been given this free bet, you can use it on whatever football you like.

Keep in Mind

Bookmakers will never have the same promotions running for too long because they have to keep things entertaining for their customers. Just think about it, if you kept being offered the same offer for a 6-month period, you would get pretty bored of it we bet. Therefore, if you decide to create an account with one of the bookies that we have mentioned above, there is the possibility that these promotions are no longer running. However, do not worry, as they are likely to have replaced them with something just as good, or maybe even better.

Who Offers the Best Odds for Betting on the Nigerian Premier League?

When we are looking for a bookie to open an account with, one thing that we always want to find out is whether they offer up competitive odds to their customers. If they do not, then we will want to take our money elsewhere. At the end of the day, we always want to find the best odds so that we get the most value out of the cash that worked very hard to get.
If you are looking for a bookie with the best odds on the market, then the first bookie that you should be going to is Pinnacle. They are not a Nigerian company, but they accept Nigerian players. One thing that you will notice when you sign up with Pinnacle is that they will not give you a Welcome Bonus, nor will they provide you with any enticing promotions. You might think that this is a huge negative, but we do not think that it is. It is better to have consistently great odds than a Welcome Bonus that will run out and a promotion every so often.

Best Welcome Bonuses

Having said all of this though, we are aware that some gamblers just cannot do without a Welcome Bonus and promotions. If you are one such person, then you are widely accounted for as all of the other bookies on this site will provide you with odds that you will be more than satisfied with. These other bookies are:

  1. Betfair
  2. Lionsbet
  3. Surebet247
  4. NetBet
  5. Betway
  6. NairaBet
  7. 22Bet
  8. 1XBet
  9. Bet9ja

Why Do We Offer La Liga Predictions for Free

We will give you a prediction for La Liga for free because the only thing we want to do in life is make sure that you increase your odds of winning when you bet on Spanish football. We hope that all of our tips and predictions will enable you to win, win, and win some more.

How Do We Make the Right Prediction?

You can rely on our La Liga predictions as they will be written by football fans that have been watching this magical sport ever since they were young. When they are composing their predictions, they will put together all of the football knowledge that they have gathered down the years as well as make use of whatever recent and relevant stats are available. By doing this, they can make sure that they provide you with predictions that improve your chances of winning.

Example of a Prediction We Would Offer On Our Site

For example, let us pretend that Espanyol and Leganes are going to be playing at the weekend. Both these teams have been very poor this season and Espanyol sit bottom of the table with 20 points, while Leganes sit one place ahead of them with 23 points. They are in danger of being relegated to the second tier of Spanish football. Looking at the stats you will see that Espanyol have picked up 5 points from their last 6 matches, while Leganes have managed to pick up 8 points. This means that they have slightly better form. When we look at goals scored and goals conceded, we see that Leganes have a -18 goal difference, whereas Espanyol have a -23 goal difference. The latter concede more, but not many. So, what would our prediction be for this match? Well, it will definitely be a tight and nervy game, but we reckon Leganes will come out on top due to their slightly better form.

Why Do We Offer Free Predictions?

We provide every single reader of this website La Liga predictions for free simply because we care about you and we would like you to win as much money as possible. Our aim is to help you have a gambling experience like no other. If we can do this, our aim in life is complete.

What Exactly is the La Liga?

There are probably plenty of us here who already know more than enough about the La Liga, but football has billions of fans all over the world and there might be some people on this site that are not too acquainted with the Spanish first division. Therefore, for these people, we will now briefly look at La Liga in more detail. If you already think that you know all you need to know about La Liga, then simply jump ahead to the following section.

Introduction To The Competition

La Liga is the top football division in Spain and it first came into being back in 1929. Since its inception, there have been 62 different teams that have competed in this league and nine of those have gone on to become Champions. The league has been dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona, but there have been periods where the likes of Valencia, Atletico Madrid, and Deportivo de La Coruna reigned supreme.

Format Of The Competition

According to UEFA, La Liga is the best league in Europe and the nation has produced more winning teams than any other country and players from this league have won more Ballon d’Or awards than anywhere else. Like with the Premier League in England, twenty teams compete in this league every season and each team plays everyone twice, once at home and once away, meaning each team’s league season is made up of 38 matches. Those who finish in the bottom three come the end of the season will be relegated to the Segunda Division.

Top Teams

At the moment, the teams that stand to be relegated are Real Mallorca, Leganes, and Espanyol. The top four teams will qualify for the Champions League, while the 5th, 6th and 7th team will find themselves playing in the Europa League. At this moment in time, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, and Real Sociedad will qualify for the Champions League, whereas Getafe, Atletico Madrid, and Valencia will qualify for the Europa League.

Who Are the Favourites to Win?

There are 11 games left of the 2019/2020 La Liga season and we are still none the wiser as to will lift the title. However, due to this Corona virus that is having an impact on the whole world, it is unlikely that we are going to find out anytime soon. In fact, we might never find out as the whole league might just be declared null and void. At the moment, Barcelona sit at the top of the table with 58 points and they are closely followed by Real Madrid on 56 points. Sevilla sit in third place with 47 points, while Getafe and Real Sociedad are both on 46 points. Although it is close at the top, if the league is completed, we do not see anyone other than Barcelona winning the trophy.

Who Are the Favorites to Win This Competition?

Every new season there will be people giving their opinions on who they think will be lifting the trophy come the end of the season. What makes football so great is that everyone has their own views about everything. If we all had the same opinions, then we could not have any decent discussions and things would get pretty boring to say the least. Below are some teams that football fans will often tell you have a good chance of competing for the La Liga trophy.


When you ask a football fan who will win the next La Liga, there will be quite a few who will tell you Barcelona without even having to think about it. Barcelona have won the last two seasons and they have a really good chance of making it three in a row if the 2019/20 season ever concludes. However, whatever happens with this season, whether it is completed or declared void, what is certain is that they will be challenging for the trophy the following season. When you have players such as Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and Gerard Pique in your squad, you will always be challenging for trophies.

Real Madrid

Those who do not say Barcelona will win the league will more than likely tell you that Real Madrid will end up as the Champions. If truth be told, they have not been playing as well as they can lately, but they will always have more than enough quality in squad to challenge for the title. With the likes of Sergio Ramos, Eden Hazard, Toni Kroos, Thibaut Courtois, Luka Modric, James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale, and Lucas Vasquez in your squad, you have a pretty good chance of winning trophies.

Atletico Madrid

By the high standards that they set, Atletico Madrid have had a pretty poor 2019/20 season in La Liga. They are currently sitting in 7th place, 13 points off of top position. However, despite this, they showed what a class act they can be by knocking Liverpool out of the Champions League. This is the same Liverpool that have run away with the Premier League title. At the start of a La Liga season, when you are thinking about who will be up at the business end come the end of the season, you would be foolish to not consider Atletico Madrid.


A few years ago, Sevilla would not have been considered as potential La Liga winners, but they have shown this season that they can compete with the best teams in the league. They will have to have a near perfect season if they want to upset the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, but if they spend wisely in the summer, they might go on to achieve the unthinkable. If you think it is impossible, just cast your memories back a few years to when Leicester City defied the odds in the Premier League. Nothing, as they say, is impossible.

Getafe or Valencia

Sevilla would be considered dark horses for the season, but there would even be some people who would tell you that the likes of Getafe and Valencia have a chance of lifting the title. While this is highly unlikely, there is no doubt that both of these teams will be closer to the business end of the table than the wrong end of the table come the end of next season. While they probably won’t be fighting for the title, they will definitely be fighting for a Champions League spot.

The La Liga Calendar

As you will probably already know, unless you have been living on a deserted island somewhere, most of the world’s football leagues have been suspended due to the Corona pandemic that is affecting us all. As a result, we really have no clue when the remaining matches will be played. In fact, there is a high chance that the league will just be scrapped, and everything starts from scratch in August. When we get the news that we have all been waiting for, we will definitely update this page.

Interesting Odds to Follow During the La Liga

When we are placing sport bets, we obviously want interesting odds so that we can go ahead and place exciting bets. Well, you will be glad to hear that interesting odds are definitely a regular occurrence in La Liga. Underdogs can often beat the favorites in this league, so if you know where to look, there can certainly be a lot of good value to be head.


For instance, let us pretend that all is fine in the world and all football is being played as usual. Celta Vigo are due to take on Villareal this coming weekend. Celta Vigo are sitting just one point above the relegation zone, while Villareal are sitting in 8th place, four points outside one of the Europa League spots. When we look at the recent form of both teams, we will see that Villareal have lost their last three matches, while Celta Vigo have picked up five points from their last three games. Therefore, Celta Vigo are a team that have some sort of form, while Villareal are on a bad run of form. Therefore, we would back Celta Vigo to get something from this match and we would recommend going for them to win or draw the match.

Which Team Will Win La Liga Next Year?

Below you will be able to find a list of six La Liga teams that we feel have a chance of lifting the trophy next season. Okay, some teams will obviously have more a chance than others, but all six should be there or thereabouts come the end of the campaign. We really wanted to give you the latest odds as well, but bookies have suspended all of their odds until we know when the season will restart. Once everything has returned to normal, we will input the latest odds below.

  1. Barcelona
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Atletico Madrid
  4. Sevilla
  5. Valencia
  6. Getafe

Who Will Be the Top Scorer in Next Year’s La Liga?

When it comes to quality strikers, it is safe to say that the La Liga has more than their fair share. In fact, what makes this league so appealing to many Nigerians is the fact that there is just so much talent on display. Below you will be able to find six forwards that we believe can be genuine contenders for the Golden Boot next season. Once again, we would have given you odds, but these are obviously not available yet. They will likely be available a few weeks or so before the new season is about to start. When they have been provided, we shall add them here.

  1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
  2. Luis Suarez (Barcelona)
  3. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)
  4. Lucas Perez (Alvarez)
  5. Roger (Levante)
  6. Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)

Tips for Making Your La Liga Prediction

When it comes to putting down some bets on the La Liga, there really are some fantastic tips that you should always keep in mind. If you have read our other prediction pages, then you will probably know these tips already as they are the same for all football bets, no matter what league the match is being played in. If you make use of these tips, then there is a good chance that you will improve your football betting success. If you already know these tips from having read our other pages, then just skip ahead to the next section.
Check if key players are injured or suspended: Even the world’s best team will find it hard when they are missing key personnel thanks to suspensions and injuries. If a number of key players are not going to be playing for the favorites, then the team that is deemed the underdogs will obviously have a much better chance of getting a positive result. However, the underdogs might be missing key personnel too, so it is imperative that you check their missing players as well. Once you know the players that missing on either side, you will have a much better idea as to which way the match will turn out.
Form is important: We know that this sounds like a really obvious thing to say, but there are many football fans out there who lose money because they decide to back a team’s reputation, rather than their form. If a team is known to be very good, but they have lost their last three games and they are playing a team that is deemed to be weak that has won their last three games, then our money would be on the so called weaker team. If you back reputation ahead of form, you will usually end up with some egg on your face.
Finding value is key: If you like to bet on players to score, whether that is for a certain player to score the first goal, last goal or any time, then you really should not select a favorite as the odds will not be that good. You stand a good chance of winning, but most of the time the profit that you will receive for winning will be quite small unless you have placed a large wager. In our view, it is much better to try and find a player that scores regularly but not too regularly. If you know of such a player in a match, then bet on them as this is where the value lies.

Bookmaker Services to Make Use of After Reading Our La Liga Predictions

When you are placing some football wagers, no matter what league the match is in, there are a number of services that bookmakers have that are really useful. What are these? Well, there is live streaming, live stats, and a cash out option. We will now take a moment to look at these in more detail.

Live Streaming and Live Stats

Sometimes we might want to place a bet on a football match that has already started. This is known as an in-play or a live play bet. When it comes to live betting, it is always good to see live streaming options as this give you a clearer understanding as to how a match might finish. Bookmakers will never usually provide live streaming for matches from the Premier League or the Champions League because broadcasters have to pay a lot of money to buy the rights to show these. Therefore, it would not make much sense to spend all that money only for people to be able to watch them for free using their sportsbooks accounts.
However, this is not the case with La Liga. You can find certain La Liga games being streamed on the bookmakers that we have mentioned on this website. For example, if you want to watch the El Classico, then there is a good chance that a sportsbook like 1XBet will be streaming it.
If you cannot find a live stream for a match that you would like to bet on, then you will definitely be able to find live stats. These will also give you a good indication as which way the result is going to go. Therefore, before you go ahead and place a live bet, we recommend that you watch some of the live stream if it is available and, if it is not, have a look at the live stats.

Cash Out Option

Any sportsbook that is worth its salt will provide their players with the option of cashing out their bets. What is a cash out exactly? Well, it is a service that gives customers the ability to cash their bet out for a given amount of money if it looks like their bet is going to lose in the long run. If you would like to find out more about this feature, then do not hesitate to head on over to our dedicated cash out page.
In the meantime, to give you a clearer idea as to what a cash out is, we will give you an example. Let us say that Alaves and Osasuna are playing this coming weekend and you place N3,000 on Osasuna to win with odds of 2.00. Therefore, if they go on to win, you will earn a profit of N3,000. At the half-time break, Osasuna are winning 2-0, but it is completely against the run of play. The bookmaker that you are registered with is giving you the option of cashing out your bet for N4,500, meaning you would get a N1,500 profit. You take how the game is going into consideration and take the cash out. This turns out to be a great move because Alaves go on to score twice in the second half and draw the match 2-2.
1XBet are known for providing fair cash out options to their customers.

La Liga Stats to Help with Your Betting

When you open up your sportsbook account and start trying to make your own La Liga predictions, it is always a good idea to have a look at some numbers. Therefore, this is what this next section will deal with.

Best Teams

Who has held the La Liga trophy aloft the most? Well, Real Madrid sit at the top of this list with a very impressive 33 titles to their name. Barcelona have won the title on 26 occasions. Atletico Madrid have won it 10 times, Athletic Bilbao have won it 8 times, Valencia 6 times, Real Sociedad 2 times, while Deportivo La Coruna, Sevilla, and Real Betis have all won it once.

Top Strikers of All Times

Over the years, some amazing strikers have played in this league. In the following table, you will find the 10 best strikers in La Liga’s history – there are no prizes for guessing the player that sits up the top by a country mile.

Year Name Team Goals Scored
1 Lionel Messi Barcelona 474
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 311
3 Telmo Zarra Athletic Bilbao 251
4 Hugo Sanchez Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid & Rayo Vallecano 234
5 Raul Real Madrid 228
6 Alfredo di Stefano Real Madrid, Espanyol 227
7 Cesar Rodriguez Granada, Barcelona, Elche & Cultural Leonesa 223
8 Quini Sporting Gijon & Barcelona 219
9 Pahnino Celta Vigo, Deportivo La Coruna & Real Madrid 210
10 Edmundo Suarez Alcoyano & Valencia 195

Top Players this Season

The table below will give you the ten top scorers from the current season (2019-2020).
Rank Name Team Goals
1 Lionel Messi Barcelona 19
2 Karim Benzema Real Madrid 14
3 Gerard Moreno Villareal 11
3 Lucas Perez Alaves 11
3 Roger Levante 11
3 Luis Suarez Barcelona 11
7 Angel Getafe 10
9 Lucas Ocampos Sevilla 10
9 Iago Aspas Celta Vigo 9
9 Chimy Avila Osasuna 9

FAQ for the La Liga

People ask many questions about La Liga and the three most common ones can be found below.

According to the Bookmakers, Who Are Some Favorites of the La Liga?

Each new season, there will be particular teams that fans and pundits alike will feel have a good chance of going on to lift the silverware. Below you can find our list of favorites for La Liga.

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Barcelona
  3. Sevilla
  4. Atletico Madrid
  5. Valencia

Who Won the La Liga League Last Year?

The 2018/19 La Liga season was won by Barcelona. They also won the season before that, meaning that if they go on to win the 2019/20 season, they will have been victorious three years in a row.

How Can You Follow Our La Liga Predictions?

Staying up to date with our La Liga predictions is extremely simple. All you need to do is pay regular visits to our site and you will be able to read every single new prediction that we make.

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