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Are you wondering whether Zenith Bank is a good payment method for you? If so, well we are going to do our absolute best to answer this question for you with the limited information available on the Internet. The table below gives a quick summary of this payment method.

Payment Method Minimum
Maximum Deposit Minimum


Maximum Withdrawal Fees Time Process
Zenith Bank Depends on sportsbook Depends on sportsbook Depends on sportsbook Depends on sportsbook Possible nominal fees Instant for deposits and 3-5 days for withdrawals

What is Zenith Bank?

zenithZenith Bank was founded back in 1990 and it has since gone on to become a leading financial service in Nigeria.

What makes Zenith Bank such a popular payment method for Nigeria sports bettors is the fact that it provides multiple ways for us to fund our sportsbook account.

If you use Zenith Bank, then you can make a deposit using the card that you got issued or by making an instant bank transfer. You can also use PayDirect and a myriad of e-Wallets.

Furthermore, they have their own app which you should download if you have a Zenith Bank account. Downloading this app gives you the power to make a deposit or a withdrawal wherever you happen to be.

How to Create an Account with GT Bank

If you do not have a Zenith Bank account, then you can open one up straight from their website. We have explained the process below:

  1. Simply go on their site and click on the “Create Account” link.
  2. You will be taken to a form where you will need to fill in information such as your name, gender, date of birth, the state that you live in, your mobile number, and your email address
  3. Once you have entered all of these details, you will need to provide them with your signature and a photo for identification.
  4. After you have done that, click on “Create Account” and you will have just completed the process of getting a Zenith Bank account.

Fees and Commissions for GT Bank

We could not find any solid information regarding Zenith Bank fees and commissions.

However, as they are a bank, it is relatively safe to assume that there will be some transaction fees in place. What these are exactly though, we could not tell you.

The only way to truly find out is to open an account with them and then see what they want to charge you when you make your first deposit or withdrawal.

Our Opinion about Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria and it would not have become so popular if there happened to be a lot wrong with it.

They are known for using some of the best encryption technology around, so you can be certain that your transactions will never end up in the wrong hands. Overall, we do not think you will regret opening up an account with Zenith Bank.

What You Need to Know About Zenith Bank

These are four questions that people regularly ask about Zenith Bank.

What is the Minimum Deposit?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the bookie that you have an account with. So, check with them and if you cannot find the answer on their site, get in touch with one of their customer care agents.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal?

Just like with the above question, the answer is that it is totally dependent on the sportsbook you hold an account with.

What is the Delay for Depositing or Withdrawing?

When you make a deposit at bookie using Zenith Bank, the funds that you deposit will appear in your sportsbook account nearly instantly.

When it comes to withdrawals, since it is a bank, there is every likelihood that you will have to wait a number of working days. However, due to a lack of available information, the only way to know for sure is to make your first withdrawal using Zenith Bank.

Are There Any Deposit or Withdrawal Fees?

The information is severely limited, but since they are a bank, we can probably safely assume that there will be some nominal fees that you will have to pay.