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In this article, we shall take a look at the banking option that is known as WebPay Nigeria. As with other payment methods available to us Nigerian sports bettors, the information available is somewhat limited. However, rest assured that we have tried to provide you with as much information as possible and will continue to update the page whenever we find out a little bit more.

Payment Method


Maximum Deposit

Maximum Withdrawal Fees

Time Process

WebPay Nigeria

N50 N1 million N/A N/A No deposit fees

No info about withdrawal fees

Instant deposits

N/A for withdrawals

What is WebPay Nigeria?

webpayWebPay Nigeria, or WebPay as it is more commonly known as, is an online payment method that is owned by Interswitch. You can only make use of this service if you have a bank card. When you have an account with WebPay, you will find that the payment process is relatively straightforward.

We have decided to outline the process below:

  1. Go on to the bookmaker’s payment page.
  2. Select the type of card that you have and enter your details and pin.
  3. Decide how much you would like to deposit and click the ‘pay ‘button. The money will appear in. your bookmaker account almost instantly.

N.B. The minimum amount that you can deposit is N50 while the maximum amount that you can deposit is as high as N1,000,000.

How to Open an Account with WebPay Nigeria in Nigeria

With this type of payment method, you do not need to create an account. All that you need in order to be able to use this payment option is a Nigerian bank card. If you have one of these, then simply follow the deposit method that we mentioned just above, and you will be able to bet on sports in no time at all.

Fees and Commissions for Using WebPay Nigeria

When it comes to fees and commissions for users, we could not find much information at all. Therefore, you will just have to find out whether there are any fees when using it yourself.

However, we did find that companies that want to register to use this payment method have to pay a one-time fee of N150,000. After this, they are charged 1.5% per transaction below a certain amount. When a transaction is made above a certain amount, then there will be a fee of N2,000. These transaction fees are probably one of the reasons why you will not find this payment method at all bookmakers that accept Nigerian players.

Although there are fees to be paid, as you will just be using this as a payment method, you do not have to worry about them.

Our Opinion about WebPay Nigeria

If you have a bank account in Nigeria (there are an awful lot of us that do not), then this is a  good payment method to use if you would like to make a quick deposit into your sportsbook account so that you can place some bets. The payment process is very simple, which is something that we always like.

What You Need to Know about WebPay Nigeria

Below are some frequently asked questions about Webpay Nigeria.

What is the Minimum Deposit?

When it comes to depositing money at WebPay Nigeria, the minimum amount that you can deposit is N50. This is great as usually the minimum amount stands at about N100.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal?

Unfortunately, there is not an awful lot of information about this available on the Internet, but we reckon it will depend entirely on the bookmaker that you have an account with. Therefore, in order to get a precise answer to this question, you will need to check with the sportsbook that you have an account with.

What is the Delay for Depositing or Withdrawing?

When you use this payment method to make a deposit, the money will appear in your bookie account within a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, once again, there is not a lot of information available on the Internet, so we do not know what the delay is when it comes to withdrawals. However, since you will be using your bank card, we would not be too surprised if it is the same as usual. That is, you will have to wait 3-5 working days before you see your money in your bank account.

Are There Any Deposit or Withdrawal Fees?

As far as we can tell, when you make a deposit using this payment method you will not be subjected to any deposit fees. When it comes to withdrawal fees, we are not entirely sure, but we reckon that will depend on bookmaker that you are using.