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Here we are going to take a closer look at Verve. If you have read some of our other Nigerian payment method reviews, then you will know that there is limited information available. Verve is no exception to this. However, like we always do, we will provide you will all the information that we have been able to find. In addition to this, whenever we find new information, we will add to the page.

Payment Method

Maximum Deposit Minimum
Maximum Withdrawal Fees Time Process


Depends on bookie

Depends on bookie

Depends on bookie

Depends on bookie

Not sure about deposit or withdrawal fees

Instant for deposits, but not sure about withdrawals

What is Verve?

verveVerve is another payment method that is owned by Interswitch, and it is one that is widely accepted at all of the best Nigerian bookies.

To add to this, if you have a Verve card, you can use it to buy goods from thousands of online shops in more than 185 different countries. But what about security? Well, a Verve card makes use of a pin platform and an EMV chip which makes it one of the safest payment options available to Nigerians.

Verve debit card VS Verve pre-paid card

As well as a Verve debit card, you can also get a Verve pre-paid card that can be topped up with money in many different ways.

When you are using a Verve card the deposit method is the same as if you were using a credit card. However, since your Verve card is a debit card, not a credit card, you will only be able to deposit money that you have in your account. If you try to deposit more money than you actually have in your account, then your transaction will be declined. This means that you will not be subjected to a cash advance fee and you will not have to worry about interest rates. Getting into debt is also out of the equation, which is always good.

How to deposit with Verve

So, how is a Verve deposit made? Well, the depositing process is outlined below.

  1. Ensure that you have a Verve card that is in date.
  2. Enter your sportsbook account and locate the banking page.
  3. Click the deposit button and then select the Verve deposit option.
  4. Enter the amount of money that you would like to deposit and provide the bookmaker with the necessary banking details.
  5. Once your transaction has been completed, you will receive a notification and you will be able to start placing bets right away.

How to Create an Account with Verve

Interswitch have made this available as an app, so if you have an Android, iOS, or Blackberry, we highly recommend that you download the app to your mobile device.

To do so, all that you need to do is

  1. Go to the respective store of your platform.
  2. Search for “Verve” and then download it.

Once it has been downloaded, follow the easy instructions and you will be up and running in next to no time.

If you do not want to download the app as you mostly use a desktop device:

  1. Click on “Create Account”.
  2. Provide them with your name, surname, mobile number and create a password. Once you have done this.
  3. Click on “Create Account” and you are now the proud owner of a Verve account.

Whether you have the app or the desktop version, you will need to link some bank cards to it so that you can start using it as a payment method. This can be your Verve card or your MasterCard or your Visa.

But how do you get a Verve card? Well, it is relatively simple. All you have to do is walk into your bank and ask for them to set you up with one.

Fees and Commissions for Verve

When it comes to fees, the bookmaker that you are depositing money with or withdrawing money from will not usually charge you any additional fees.

But what about fees from Verve’s end? Well, we read an extensive list of Verve FAQs and could not find a single question related to additional fees for using their service. We are pretty sure that there will be some, but what they are exactly we will not be able to tell you.

The only way you can truly find out is by making a deposit and a withdrawal using Verve.

Our Opinion about Verve

Verve are owned by Interswitch and it is safe to say that Interswitch know what they are doing when it comes to payment methods. Therefore, if you decide to use Verve as your main banking option at a Nigerian sportsbook, we are certain that you will not come across too many issues.

What You Need to Know about Verve

Below you will be able to find four questions that people like to frequently ask about Verve.

What is the Minimum Deposit?

When it comes to Nigerian payment methods, this is never a simple question to answer as it varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. With one bookmaker the minimum Verve deposit could be N100 and then with another one it could be N50.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal?

Once more, this is not an easy question to answer when it comes to Nigerian banking options as it also varies from bookie to bookie. Therefore, the only real way to answer this question is to make a Verve withdrawal and see what the minimum amount is that they will let you withdraw.

What is the Delay for Depositing or Withdrawing?

When you go and make a Verve deposit, you will be happy to hear that your deposited money will appear in your bookmaker account almost immediately. When it comes to withdrawal times, there is no information available once again. Therefore, you will only be able to find out the answer to this when you make your first withdrawal request.

Are There Any Deposit or Withdrawal Fees?

When you use Verve to withdraw or deposit money, the bookie you are interacting with will not make you pay additional fees. But, what about Verve themselves? Well, once again, there is no solid information available about this, so it is something that you will have to find out for yourself. However, we are certain that there will be some sort of fee.