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Who is Adeola?

It did not take very long for Adeola’s loved ones to start referring to her as the “sports girl”. From a very young age, she had always been interested in sports. It went from crying every time the Super Eagles faced a defeat to telling the story of the infamous 99-1 victory in favour of India very passionately. From the time she was seven, Adeola went with her father to every single one of his Saturday football matches, her impassioned screams not failing to amuse everyone else. The interest spread from just football to basketball, and then to sports in general. It was common to see Adeola in front of the television, cursing out whichever player was messing up.

Her early years

“I started writing when I was JSS3, a way for me to kill boredom. It was either that or join the school choir, and everyone who knows me knows that I can carry everything except a tune.” Adeola started reading when she was five years old, and by age 16, she had read more books than the average person. The more she wrote, the more she knew it was what she wanted to do. “I could not even tell my mother about it. I just knew writing was what I was meant to do, but where was I going to keep her dreams of me having a JAMB score of 350 and studying law?”


Adeola never thought of merging the two things she was most passionate about: writing and sports. Not until she completed her degree at the University of Lagos, a Bachelor’s in Creative Arts. The first year after she got a degree and completed her NYSC serving was a rough one. “I used to think, shebi I should have done Law like my mother wanted me to. I was so lost.”

Adeola stumbled on her first writing gig almost accidentally. “A friend of mine was outsourcing a writing gig. I knew people could make money out of writing but I had no idea it was something I could do.” She never looked back after the first gig. It started off as something that would bring her extra cash while she looked for a stable job until it became something she was doing full-time and enjoying.

Adeola’s Career

“I remember the first time I wrote on a gig that was sports-related. I think it was about a Champions League match. It felt like an epiphany. As cliché as it sounds, I realized that I had found my purpose.” Women like Chisom Mbonu-Ezeoke and Aisha Falode were her inspiration. It quickly went up from there, and it was not uncommon for her to see texts from friends asking for advice on how to bet on the next game.  Her encounter with Sports Betting NG was a love story. Adeola’s quirky humour, quick wit, and creative genius quickly propelled her to the ranks of Editor-in-Chief.

Adeola’s Interests

When Adeola is not giving tips on how to place the best bets, she is working on her short story collection, to be published soon. Four yoga sessions a week and her everyday meditation spells are what keep her afloat. Four yoga sessions a week and her everyday meditation spells keep her afloat from her arguments about Ronaldo and Messi among her peers. You can find Adeola on Twitter as @Adeola_O_20. She will be more active when she finally loses her fear of getting dragged by Nigerian Twitter.

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